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Accelerate your enterprise transformation with AI-enabled, cloud-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Skill Benchmarking solution.  We provide a comprehensive suite of tools to assess team skills, foster upskilling through our FREE Content eLibrary, and seamlessly align learning initiatives with your corporate goals.

Discover a Unified solution for all your Enterprise learning needs. Our platform offers verified skill benchmarking with personalised learning plans from micro learning resources to certified programs from prestigious universities. Unlock skill development through AI-driven engagement and provide top-notch onboarding support. 

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About Skills Caravan LXP

Welcome to Skills Caravan LXP, your all-in-one AI-enabled cloud-based  Learning & Development (L&D) and Skill Benchmarking solution.  It is a one-stop solution for identifying skill gaps, benchmarking your employee skills with industry standards, and creating personalized and adaptive learning plans – thus enabling Pull-based learning in employees.

We focus on 360-degree learning integrating multiple modalities like LMS (for internal content), LXP (external FREE and paid eLibrary content), Training management system (Classroom/Live Training), and a Generative AI mentor for Learning in Flow.

Our state-of-the-art AI-driven recommendation engine designs personalized courses based on your preferences, whether you prefer self-paced, online, or offline learning. This ensures an engaging and immersive journey tailored to your needs.

To make learning even more exciting, we incorporate gamification elements, leaderboards, and badges, which enhance employee engagement and drive maximum learning outcomes.

What's more, our platform seamlessly integrates with your HRMS and existing LMS, guaranteeing a seamless learning experience for your workforce.

About us

Skill Development Platform

The fusion of skill benchmarking and personalized learning plans from our FREE Content library enables to understand your employees skills and develop them .

The platform seamlessly integratess multiple learning modalities,  asynchronous, online and live classroom training to cater to individual needs and preferences, this approach fosters enhanced engagement, knowledge retention, and ultimately, elevates overall organizational performance.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Talent

Gain insights into your workforce by leveraging our detailed skills ontology and AI- powered assessments, tailored to your organization's needs.

Empower Skill Development

Empower your workforce on a large scale by equipping your employees with highly personalized learning blueprints specifically designed to cultivate the skills they require for success today and in the future.

Built for Enterprises

We specialize in gauging and nurturing the skills crucial for your organization's triumph through a continuous strategic collaboration. Our platform is meticulously customizable and enterprise-ready, y designed to assist you in achieving your distinct business objectives.

Learning aligned with Corporate Goals

Skills Caravan, an intelligent Learning & Development platform, bridges the gap between your corporate skill needs and your employees' competencies. It seamlessly integrates learning and development into the workflow, fostering a culture of learning that helps you attract, nurture, and retain top-performing talent.

$ 100.00 USD

Learning Marketplace

Empowering CHROs, C-suite executives, L&D professionals, and managers to access a one-stop destination for all their training needs. Explore a wide range of offerings, including virtual, classroom, self-paced, continuing education, and management development programs, sourced from top training institutes in BFSI, Technology, Leadership, Behavioral, Compliance, and more.

$ 100.00 USD

Content eLibrary

World’s premier content eLibrary, boasting an extensive collection of over 100,000 courses sourced from the world's top content providers. Our library places a unique emphasis on sectors like Indian BFSI (Banking, Finance, Mutual Funds, Financial Advisory), automotive, retail, and technology industries.

$ 100.00 USD
Explore features

Track Your L&D Success

Effortlessly gauge the impact of your skill bechmarking and learning and developmentendeavors. Uncover team advancements, pinpoint enhancement opportunities, and alignlearning with your corporate objectives—all within a unified software platform

Live Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboards, and leaderboard presents a holistic overview of both individual and team learning journeys, equipping managers with essential insights and engagement.


Reward Recognition, batches, certificates etc to make learning more engaging, motivating, and fun.

AI Mentor

Generative AI based Knowledge discovery solution for enabling Learning in Flow.

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Vice president Genpact

Skills Caravan Learning as a Service is a complete solution for upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. Loved their Platform its 100% cloud, cost effective and gamified.

Sudhir Narayanan
DGM IT, Shoppers Stop

"Skill Caravan has been able to bring a learning culture at Shoppers Stop. We have been able to overcome the initial constraint in learning and move towards making learning an integral part of their work culture."

Lalit Raghuvanshi
Head of Sales @TCNS Clothing

"A Big Shout for Skills Caravan. Their content and the model of "personalized journey" has helped our workforce grow. With their help, we have been able to scale our Learning Infrastructure with business-market needs and we have seen a more educated and engaged sales force."

Neha Shivran
Chief Data Scientist Kissht Finance

"Excellent content for Technology and the Practice Labs are really helpful. Our course completion rates have increased by 50%, creating an impact for business at the both individual and organizational levels."

Sudhir Narayanan :

"Skill Caravan has been able to bring a learning culture at Shoppers Stop. We have been able to overcome the initial constraint in learning and move towards making learning an integral part of their work culture."

Shoppers Stop
Our platform
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Our Learning Partners

Skills Caravan is the World’s leading Free/Open Source content provider. Our experts have curated 2500+ FREE courses from  leading content providers in the World. Each course is mapped with Skill assessments to understand your employees talent.


Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate learning, providing digital training and education solutions to help businesses improve workforce productivity, reduce risk, and increase innovation.


FinShiksha provides a practical and industry-relevant approach to finance education, with courses designed by industry experts and delivered through interactive and engaging methods.

Wallstreet Prep

Wall Street Prep offers best-in-class financial training for aspiring finance professionals and corporate clients.

Udemy Business

Udemy Business offers an unparalleled learning experience for organizations looking to upskill their workforce with over 155,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

Loved By Industry Leaders

Sophie Moore

Sophie Moore

Sophie Moore

Empower Your Organization with Skills Caravan LXP with LMS, free Content Library and Skills Benchmarks

Our comprehensive solution is crafted to unleash your workforce's untapped potential. Begin today and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for their success.

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Building Resilient Teams: The Role of HR and L&D

Building Resilient Teams: The Role of HR and L&D

This webinar spotlights the pivotal roles of Human Resources (HR) and Learning & Development (L&D) in nurturing the skills and mindset required for team resilience.

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September 15, 2023
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5:00 pm
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Reskilling and Upskilling Strategies for HR Leaders

Reskilling and Upskilling Strategies for HR Leaders

Delve into the challenges posed by digital transformation on the workforce and how HR leaders can design effective learning programs to prepare employees for evolving job roles.

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August 17, 2023
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Live Webinar