Industry Specific Solutions

Skills Caravan provides customised Talent Development Solutions specific to the industry needs. We specialise in Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Automobile, Technology, Telecommunication, Pharma, Healthcare and Hospitability etc.

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Personalized Solutions

Are You Looking to Enhance Your Workplace Learning?

Skills Caravan LXP is a one-stop solution for all your Learning & Development needs.


Elevate your Talent Development using AI?

Mobile-First, Personalized Learning

Tailored micro learning experiences accessible anytime, anywhere.

Skill Discovery

AI powered skills assessments to provide visibility into your workforce strengths.

Hybrid Learning

Company Niche content is integrated with Free & paid
e-Library and Live/Classroom training.


Generative AI for knowledge discovery into corporate content

Learning in the Workflow

Seamless integration of learning into daily tasks for enhanced understanding.

Real time Progress Analytics

Monitor progress and provide performance support for continuous learning.

Why Companies Love Skills Caravan

Anurag Anand
Head of Quality Assurance, HMCMM, JV of Hero MotoCorp & Magneti Marelli

"I'm thrilled to endorse Skills Caravan’s talent development platform. It delivered tailored content in key areas like quality, automobiles, leadership, electric vehicles, and behavioural skills, providing exceptional onboarding support."

Deepak Rathish
Lead Learning & Talent Development, UTI MF

"I highly recommend the Skills Caravan talent development platform. We employed learning this solution for our Management Trainee upskilling, and the results were outstanding. The platform efficiently identified skill gaps, benchmarked employee skills against industry standards, and crafted personalized learning plans. The impact on reducing the time to productivity for our Management Trainees was significant."

Vice president Genpact

"Skills Caravan Learning Experience Platform is a complete solution for upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. Loved their Platform, its cost effective , gamified and engaging."

Sudhir Narayanan
DGM IT, Shoppers Stop

"Skill Caravan has been able to bring a learning culture at Shoppers Stop. We have been able to overcome the initial constraint in learning and move towards making learning an integral part of their work culture."

Lalit Raghuvanshi
Head of Sales @TCNS Clothing

"A Big Shout for Skills Caravan. Their content and the model of "personalized journey" has helped our workforce grow. With their help, we have been able to scale our Learning Infrastructure with business-market needs and we have seen a more educated and engaged sales force."

Neha Shivran
Chief Data Scientist Kissht Finance

"Excellent content for Technology and the Practice Labs are really helpful. Our course completion rates have increased by 50%, creating an impact for business at both individual and organizational levels."

Our Vision

Learning is becoming a lifelong endeavour. We want to Transform Learning in Companies by creating a new approach to Lifelong learning that is personalised, flexible, and cost-efficient.

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Our Story

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Skills Caravan is challenging the status quo in workplace learning. We believe in learning differently. Traditional degree-based education, as well as the classroom/online learning in companies are too monolithic, inflexible, and costly to serve the needs of lifelong learners in companies. Skills Caravan wants to offer “Learning as a Service” to enable a culture of learning that has a significant, long-term positive impact on the company.

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Our Mission

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1. Enabling Next Generation Skills

We help enterprises go global by enabling their employees with next generation skills.

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2. Make Learning Personalised

We make learning personalised, engaging and align it with Corporate goals by using AI and Tech solutions ensuring micro- skill level transformation of professionals.

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3. Grow a Community

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Meet Our Team

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Techies, Ivy League Faculties, and Behavioural Psychologists who are driven to "Transform the Workplace Learning".

Shreya Verma

Shreya Verma

Adoption & Engagement

Shreya is an MBA-HR from SIBM Pune, 2014, she comes with 10 years of experience in L & D & HR .She's worked with companies like Vodafone, Myntra in the L&D roles and also has experience in building an LMS product. Shreya understands our users' needs and converts them into engagement interventions.

Dinesh Bisht

Dinesh Bisht

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dinesh is a Digital Marketing Specialist. Passionate about helping individuals and businesses thrive in the digital world , helping businesses grow and succeed online. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, he has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and has skills in marketing strategy, content creation, social media management, lead generation, etc.

Team Skills Caravan

Team Skills Caravan

Team Skills Caravan Learning Specialist

One Stop Learning & Development Platform