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Problem Statement

Skills Caravan is challenging the status quo in workplace learning. We believe in learning differently.

Traditional degree-based education, as well as the classroom/online learning in companies are too monolithic, inflexible, and costly to serve the needs of lifelong learners in companies. Skills Caravan wants to offer “Learning as a Service” to enable a culture of learning  that has a significant, long-term positive impact on the company.

HR processes across talent acquisition, analytics, talent development, engagement, operations, and career progression are transforming: 

From: conventional approach based on pedigree, #years worked, “past” experience

To: Skill based

Why it needs to be solved.

  • AI and automation are rapidly reshaping job roles, with some positions disappearing, others evolving, and new roles emerging.
  • Talent is not what enterprises can buy or attract, but it’s a capacity that needs to be built- as most vital skills of future don’t exist yet. Buying skills can be six times more expensive than building skills.

Our Solution

Skills Caravan, an AI-driven enterprise solution for skill measurement and development, aims to enhance workplace productivity by leveraging its highly configurable platform tailored to meet Enterprise business goals.

  • Skills Discovery: AI-powered skills assessments provide visibility into a workforce strength, development areas, and skills gaps.
  • Learning Experience Platform: AI driven search, recommendation, learning, and gamification, social learning, and hyper - personalised learning plans and journeys.
  • Content Library: FREE Content Library with 7,500+ courses and seamless integration with internal content and Paid Libraries.
  • AI Mentor: Generative AI powered knowledge discovery solution for internal corporate content for Learning in Flow.
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Our mission

Skills Caravan is challenging the status quo in workplace learning. We believe in learning differently.

To be the Partner of Choice for Organizations investing in talent development by offering solutions that are contemporary, customizable & cost effective

Why Skills Caravan

  • We utilize personalized skills assessments to automate skill need analysis (SNA) and generate personalized learning paths (PLPs).
  • Our Match AI technology matches these PLPs to our Skill Enhancement Program Catalogue. (SEPC)
  • Our ML engine provides bite-sized microlearning recommendations (audio, video, text, news) to working professionals as a daily habit. 
  • With just a click of a mouse, we can create organization-specific skills programs tailored to their unique needs.
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Our One Stop L&D Solution Platform

Empower Your Organization with Skills Caravan LXP & LMS

Our comprehensive solution is crafted to unleash your workforce's untapped potential. Begin today and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for their success.

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Meet our Team

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Techies, Ivy League Faculties, and Behavioural Psychologists who are driven to "Transform the Workplace Learning".

Our team
Team Skills Caravan

Team Skills Caravan

Team Skills Caravan Learning Specialist

One Stop Learning & Development Platform

Sarita Chand

Sarita Chand


Meet Sarita, a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in Investment Banking and Ed-tech startups. As the Co-Founder of Edupristine (which was acquired by Adtalem, ATGE NYSE, US), she has played a significant role in shaping the Ed-tech landscape. Prior to this, she also worked with reputable firms such as Goldman Sachs and the Aditya Birla Group. Sarita's impressive academic background includes degrees from CBS, SIBM, Pune, and Kellogg School of Management.

Dinesh Chaudhary

Dinesh Chaudhary


Dinesh, brings to the table over 17 years of extensive expertise in Machine Learning and Technology. Prior to this he was Founder of Asymmetrix Solutions - a Risk Analytics startup for Banking institutions. Dinesh is a distinguished alumnus of both IIM and UC Berkeley.

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