Embrace the Future of Talent Development in the Automobile industry

In the fast-paced realm of automobiles, staying current with industry trends is crucial. Our Learning & Development platform focusses on enhancing expertise in quality control, electric vehicle technology, and cutting-edge engine advancements. Join Skill Caravan to transform talent experiences and ensure automotive professionals uphold high-quality standards in our dynamic industry.

  • Understand Your Workforce Like Never Before: Our AI-powered FREE 1,500 Skills Benchmarks opens the door to a comprehensive view of your employees' capabilities, offering insights that were previously out of reach.
  • Upskill Your Workforce: Tools to close skills gaps rapidly and future-proof your organization. Our hyper-personalized, adaptive learning paths seamlessly integrate with our FREE content library of 10,000 plus courses and your existing content.
  • Workforce Optimization: Harness skills data to drives strategic workforce planning, enhance internal mobility, boost retention and recruit individuals with critical innovation skills.

Skills Caravan Unified Talent Experience Platform: Skills Caravan, an AI-driven enterprise solution for skill measurement and talent development, aims to enhance workplace productivity by leveraging its highly configurable platform tailored to meet Enterprise business goals.

Global Success Stories: Trusted by multinational companies Skills Caravan platform ensures a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Strategic Evolution in Learning and Development: Skills Caravan ensures a strategic evolution in talent development, transitioning from Job role based to skill-based learner-centric interventions.

Learning Experience platform with LMS: Skills Caravan unifies the learning experience with:

  • Mobile first, personalized learning
  • Learning in the flow of work with AI mentor
  • Real time analytics and performance support for seamless learning.
  • Gamification and social learning
  • Aggregation of all content - Free and paid content library integrations
  • AI enabled search and recommendations.
  • Supports hybrid learning.
  • AI powered journeys and learning plans.
  • AI proctored assessments


Anurag Anand

Head of Quality Assurance, HMCMM, JV of Hero MotoCorp & Magneti Marelli

"I'm thrilled to endorse Skills Caravan’s talent development platform. It delivered tailored content in key areas like quality, automobiles, leadership, electric vehicles, and behavioral skills, providing exceptional onboarding support."