The Power Of AI: How it makes Learning Efficient

If a cat is shown the tiktok app, and it randomly does the famous cat slap, the algorithm at the backend would start to notice patterns and prescribe content according to the time the cat spends on a particular video. What do you think would we be able to know what the cat desires?

No, right? Why? because cat isn’t making a conscious decision with the content its consuming, its just doing that at random intervals.

Well that means the conscious decision is what gives AI the cue. Okay then, how are youtube and tiktok different? Well in two way

  1. Conscious decision to select what video to watch happens on youtube where as tiktok doesn’t let the user decide that.
  2. The content length is very different. Tiktok follows a short form content while youtube follows a long form content.

So what’s the reason for tiktok’s enormous growth? Well that’s because its able to really understand what the consumers want to watch. And it profits on the small attention span of the consumer.So from here comes our second major observation about AI. The higher the number of decisions made per unit time on a content consumption platform improves the AI’s understanding about the user.

So summarizing

  1. User have to make some conscious decision on a platform
  2. The more the number of conscious decisions in a unit time the better.

What differentiates a learning and development platform from a long form content delivery platform like netflix is, that the former gives us an opportunity to create alot of points where a user can make decisions. And this is a goldmine of data that can potentially change the game of how learning has been seen throughout time.

Now put into context the previous article “Link attached here” and imagine the possibilities that open to the platform and to its users. to be continued…